Mountain Flying

Flying in the Colorado Rockies is a great experience.  It is one of the most beautiful places in the world, but if approached carelessly, it can also be deadly!  Our mountain training program is usually accomplished in two sessions:

A 1-hour ground training session and short local flight, working on aircraft performance that is helpful in the mountains.

A 1-day flight consisting of ~5 hours flying and several touch-downs at numerous mountain airports such as Salida, Buena Vista, Leadville, and many more.

Of course, safety is always primary when flying in the mountains, but you will find a little extra knowledge and a lot of common sense goes a long way to making mountain flying a safe adventure.

Notice: This tour is not meant to provide flight instruction, nor is it a comprehensive discussion of mountain flying considerations.  Seek instruction from an experienced and qualified flight instructor before you fly in the mountains. Use only FAA approved flight planning resources.

To load the Peak Aviation Mountain Flying Clinic Tour into Google Earth, follow these three simple steps:

·         Install Google Earth

Google Earth is an application that is installed and runs on your personal computer, and provides an easy to use interface for exploring satellite imagery and terrain features.  It’s free for personal use.  Visit: and click the “Downloads” link on the left.  Follow the installation instructions to install Google Earth.
·         Configure Google Earth

Start Google Earth.  Select the “Tools” menu, and click on “Options”.  In the “3D View” tab, enter “2” for the value in “Elevation Exaggeration”.   In the “Touring” tab, select the checkbox for “Show Balloon when tour is paused”.  Set the “Tour Pause” value to 8 seconds.  Click “OK” to close the Options dialog.
·         Load the Peak Aviation Mountain Flying Tour

Start Google Earth.  Select the “Add” menu, and click on “Network Link”.  For “Name”, enter “Peak Aviation”.  For “Link”, enter the following:
Select the checkbox for “Allow this folder to be expanded”.  
Click “OK” to close this dialog.  
Select the “File” menu, and click on “Save”, and then “Save My Places”
In your “Places” menu on the left, you will now have an item labeled “Peak Aviation”.  Click on the ‘+’ to expand this item and display all of the Mountain Passes and Airports visited during the typical Flight portion of the Peak Aviation Mountain Flying Clinic.  You can double-click on any individual location and use the Google Earth controls to pan, tilt, and zoom to examine the terrain and approach from any direction or altitude. 

You can also select the “Mountain Flying Course” item, and then press the “Play” button at the bottom of the “Places” box to play a “tour” of each destination in sequence.  For each destination, you’ll see a photo, a description, and a link for additional information.


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